Diaper bank of the Carolinas is a 501© 3 nonprofit organization established in 2006. Organized by a group of women wanting to help parents provide a safe and healthy environment for their child’s grow and development.

Our Vision:

Parents having adequate diapers for the changes their child will require daily in order to create a safe and healthy environment for learning, growth and development.


Our Mission:

Provide diapers to families with young children needing diaper assistance and to agencies serving low income families with diaper needs. 

Diapers are essential for a child’s health and wellness. Yet some parents struggle daily to afford diapers for their children.

  • Regardless of age or size, 8 to 12 diaper changes are needed daily per child costing up to $100.00 per month.
  • Assistance programs like Food Stamps and WIC do not assist with diapers.
  • Studies suggest 1 in 3 American moms cut back on food, utilities and other bills in order to provide diapers for their babies.
  • A babies’ health and development is enhanced when parents can provide good hygiene through adequate diaper changes daily.
  • Inadequate diaper supply lend parents to leave their child in soiled diapers longer than is appropriate which can lead to infections like diaper rash and even unitary tract infections.
  • Lack of diapers foster a range of negative outcomes in children, such as behavior problems, cognitive ability, language development and overall well-being.
  • When parents run out of diapers they will withdraw their child from child care. Without proper child care it’s hard for them to work and support their family. This then leads to a decline in the family economic status. 

Diaper Bank of the Carolinas is a member of The National Diaper Bank Network working to assist families with diaper needs to promote health and wellness and improve the family’s economic status.

Yvette W. Kinlaw
Board Chairperson